“Movement is the gift of life and we should cherish, honor and celebrate it”.

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Jen has always been passionate about movement and has been drawn to  dance, theatre and gymnastics. Jen discovered yoga in her late teens and was hooked from her very first class. After completing her Theatre degree in 2009 she packed her bags and travelled to Kerala, India to further explore her love of yoga.  She gained an international yoga teaching qualification from the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in India, where she undertook an intense training regime.

Jen has established a unique style of teaching which incorporates her passion for flow and movement, including long vinyasa inspired sequences.  Alongside this, Jen provides a nurturing approach to teaching and a supportive environment to allow student’s to deepen their practice. As a qualified massage therapist, Jen uses her skills to soothe, enhance and treat her student’s while in yoga postures. Jen’s most recent endeavour is her Masters degree in Osteopathy. Jen’s ultimate aim is to combine her yoga and osteopathy to provide a deeper insight into the wonders of the body, movement and healing.